Gavin Livingstone has been part of the folk scene for many years, initially as a very young member of The Skerries, later (mid-80s – 90s) as co-founder of Tonight at Noon, and thereafter to be found enhancing other bands, including Mirk, Handsel and, at present, Arthur Johnstone and The Stars Band.

Gavin’s long-overdue solo album  Fire in the Snow was released on the 3rd of June 2019. It contains nine tracks, 8 of which are Gavin’s own compositions, and one by the Scottish songwriter Alistair Hulett.

Fire in the Snow showcases Gavin’s experience and talents as a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and innovator.  Combining gorgeous harmonies, meaningful songs and skilful instrumentation, Fire in the Snow mixes folk and electronic genres to produce ground-breaking music that defies comparison.


“One of the best things I’ve heard this year, it really deserves to be sought out” (Mike Davies Folking .com )

“Your CD is great – made doing the house work easy!” (Hazel Hamilton North Connell)

“Give it a chance and you will be rewarded”  (Grem Devlin Living Tradition)

“An inspired collection of songs” (Five stars)  (Steve Johnson Morning Star)

“A true example of musical genius” (Alison Watson Glasgow)

“There is something exciting about Gavin’s vocals against layers of electronics and acoustic instruments …….. a surprising and engaging album”   (Marc Higgins  Fatea magazine)