Nerds’ Corner

Nerds’ Corner

Equipment used on the album

Acoustic guitars : 1967 Gibson SJN Southerner, 1964 Martin D18, 1970 Yamaha FG110

Electric guitars : 1970 Gibson Les Paul de Luxe goldtop, Fender Korean Stratocaster

Others : Fylde octave cittern, Antoria mandolin, Framus long-neck 5 string banjo, kit-built Appalachian dulcimer, Hohner 48 button accordion

Synthesisers : AKAI Miniak, XE8 drums;  ALESIS Microsynth, Micropiano, SR16 drums;  EMU Proteus 3 World;  KAWAI K1, Kir; KORG Wavestation SR, Microsynth, X5DR, Volca Sample; NOVATION A-station, Circuit;  REDTRON Virtual Mellotron;  YAMAHA SY85, FS1R EMT10, FB01

Sequenced using an Atari 1040STE running Gajits Sequencer 1 software

Audio recorded using TASCAM 2488 recorder and AUDIO TECHNICA, BEYER, SHURE and AKG mics